Generous Orthodoxy  

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another postliberal website

I just learned that there is another generousorthodoxy website, this one with a .net instead of a .org. There are several quotations on the home page with which I heartily agree. (And like George Lindbeck, I call myself a postliberal.) Here they are:

"Calling for a renewal of an evangelical center to the church of Jesus Christ, a center characterized by a 'generous orthodoxy.'"
—Stanley Grenz

"It is time to ask how theology ought to be done in a postmodern era and to envision a rapprochement between theologians of the left and right."
—Nancey Murphy

"My own vision of what might be propitious for our day, split as we are, not so much into denominations as into schools of thought, is that we need a kind of generous orthodoxy which would have in it an element of liberalism—a voice like The Christian Century -- and an element of evangelicalism -- the voice of Christianity Today. I don't know if there is a voice between those two, as a matter of fact. If there is, I would like to pursue it."
—Hans Frei

"I will also say that if the sort of research program represented by postliberalism has a real future as a communal enterprise of the church, it's more likely to be carried on by evangelicals than anyone else."
—George Lindbeck