Generous Orthodoxy  

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Battle of the billboards

On Friday, WNYC featured the battle of the billboards. When you wait in line to get into the Lincoln Tunnel you stare at a billboard showing a Nativity scene and the words “You know it’s a myth.” When you come out of the tunnel you see a billboard with a Nativity scene and the words “You know it’s real.” One was put up by the atheists, the other by the ever-vigilant Catholic League. The most interesting part of the broadcast was an interview with an agnostic who’s written a new book called Spiritual Envy. The author wishes he could believe in Christmas and all the rest of it. Even more, he said, he wishes that those who do believe in Christmas would act like it, instead of running around in the commercial rat race like everybody else...

That is the first paragraph of my sermon at Bach Vespers last Sunday. It is posted here under the title A Christmas Sermon: Magnificat.