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Friday, May 27, 2011

Two men, two crimes

Sometimes I don't know whether to post items in Ruminations or Tips. Readers are advised to check both. For instance, I recently posted some thoughts about the DSK case in Tips because I wanted to recommend an article. (I will be following this case more closely than any case I can remember. This may be truly historic for the voiceless women of the world. God only knows how many millions upon millions of women have been raped and nobody knew and nobody cared.)

With regard to the apprehension--finally--of Ratko Mladic, I would ordinarily put this link in Tips:

I'm putting it here this time because I want to call especial attention to it. Two of The New York Times' most experienced journalists, David Rohde and John F. Burns, wrote it (note the salient information about them at the end of the article). They have put together a concise history of the Balkan wars (how quickly we forget!) which is easy to understand and which gives a particularly vivid picture of the way that violence breeds more violence, for generations upon generations (in this case, 190 years. See especially the last paragraph).