Generous Orthodoxy  

Saturday, July 02, 2011

DSK fiasco

This case has apparently ended in humiliation and defeat for virtually everyone. But the person who will be able to salvage something out of it is Dominique Strauss-Kahn himself, who, while somewhat damaged, will now be lionized more than ever by his supporters (the most celebrated one also goes by three letters, BHL--Bernard Henri-Levy), and the issue of economically and socially vulnerable women exploited by powerful men will go unaddressed yet again. Those of us who had hoped for "a heroic witness" (see previous post) and a landmark case are bitterly disappointed. The fact that DSK left his DNA all over the room seems now to be irrelevant. Adultery saves marriages, trumpets a headline in The New York Times today. Isn't there an underlying issue here? Is it really OK for a wealthy married man to have "consensual" sex on the run with a hotel chambermaid? and then to be supported by the by-now-oh-so-familiar loyal wife? Yuck.